Feed Pellets Bagging Machine

Feed pellets packing machine is used to complete the pellets packaging process in the large and medium feed pellet manufacturing plant. FANWAY feed pellets bagging machine includes the filling, weighting, delivering and sealing process. Bagged feed pellets is easy to store and transport. More important it can prevent feed pellets from damp, corrosion and oxidation.



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Working Video of Feed Pellets Packing Machine

Features of Feed Pellets Packing Machine
1. This feed pellets packing machine is mainly composed of auto weighting, delivery device, sealing device and feeding machines.
2. Adopts advanced infinite frequency conversion technology and stainless steel production process.
3. Independent suspension sensors with stable signal transmission to make sure the accurate weighting.
4. LCD touch-sensitive screen, easy to operate.
5. Infrared sensor and gate discharging make it energy saving.
6. Auto weighting system adopts the dust prevention and water proofing design.
7. Compact structure, high weighing accuracy,
easy operation

and stable performance.
8. High efficiency, labor intensity reducing and cost saving.
9. Our feed pellets packing machine can meet hygiene requirement and satisfy the needs of large scale production.

Application of Feed Pellets Bagging Machine
Feed pellets packing machine is mainly used to quantitatively packing particle materials, granular mixture, strip shape or bulk shape materials, such as feed pellets, fertilizer, Chinese herbal pieces, traditional Chinese medicine granules, gunk, washing powder, sugar, melon seeds, peanut, salt, gourmet powder, chicken essence, feed, grain, etc.

fish feed pellets bagging machine

pellet packing machine for fish_feed_pellet_plant