Electric feed grinding machine is an important equipment in fish feed pellets plantand animal feed pellet manufacturing factory. Because some raw materials are not available for feed pellet making machine directly, such as corn, soybean, wheat, groundnut as well as other large size feed stuffs. These kind of materials need to be crushed into powdery material firstly with electric feed hammer mill. This electric feed hammer mill is used to crush raw materials with diameter of less than 50mm.hammer_sieve_screen

Features of Electric Feed Hammer Mill
1.Wide application. Various kinds of raw materials can be crushed, such as wheat, maize, rice, soybean, groundnut, millet or other solid materials such as bone, dry meat and so on.
2. Adopted simple structure and advanced design.
3. High efficiency, easy to operate, stable performance.
4. Electric feed hammer mill can be used in fish feed pellet plant, animal and poultry feed pellet plant, fiberboard, high density board, paper production industry, etc.
5. Our electric feed material grinding machine is composed of feeding hopper, rotor, sieves, draught fan, crushing chamber and delivery device.

Working Principle of Electric Feed Hammer Mill
Raw materials enter into crushing chamber through feeding hopper and then be crushed by high speed rotating hammer blades. Raw materials quickly be crushed into small pieces under continuous strike, collide and smash with hammer blades, toothed plate and screen pieces. Then crushed materials would be sent to pass through screen holes. Large particles that can not pass through screen holes need to be re-crushed.


Tips to Pay Attention When Sending Inquiry
● What is your raw materials and sizes of your raw materials.
● Fineness of crushed materials that you want to make.
● Capacity requirement of feed hammer mill.


Technical Data of Electric Feed Hammer Mill

Model Main shaft rotating speed Rotor Dia. Hammer Qty Capacity Power
FY360 4000r/min 360mm 16 150-250kg/h 5.5-7.5kw
FY400 4000r/min 400mm 16 250-500kg/h 7.5-11kw
FY500 4000r/min 500mm 24 500-700kg/h 11-15kw