FANWAY diesel feed hammer mill is driven by a diesel engine, this diesel feed hammer mill is more convenient than electric feed hammer mill to grinding feed ingredients in areas short of electricity. It can crush feed materials within 50mm diameter  into fine powder. It is an ideal crushing machine for small scale fish feed pellets plant, animal and poultry feed pellets manufacturing factory.

Working Principles of Diesel Feed Hammer Mill Grinder
After the raw material is fed into the crushing chamber through feed hopper, it will be crushed into powder by the high speed rotating hammer blades. Under the centrifugal force and fan suction force, the material smaller than the screen hole will be sieved to the produce container, while those larger than screen holes will continue to be crushed until they are discharged through screen hole.


Features of Diesel Feed Hammer Mill
1. Stable performance, low noise, durable and wear-resistant hammers.
2. Compact structure, easy operation, easy maintenance.
3. High efficiency, low energy consumption, high output.
4. Screen hole size can be offered as per your request.

Applications of the Small Feed Grinding Machine
♦ This diesel feed hammer mill is mainly used in homes, farms and small feed processing plant.
♦ Suitable for feed pellet, wood pellet and biomass briquette production.
♦ Raw materials of the diesel feed grinder can be all coarse materials such as corn, broomcorn, wheat, rice etc.
♦ The moisture content of raw material should be 8-15%.

Diesel Feed Hammer Mill Technical Parameters

Model Power Capacity Screen size Screen hole size Packing Size Net weight
FY-420A 15/22HP 200~500kg/h 680*280mm 1.8-10mm 1470*730*1090mm 330kg
FY-500A 55HP 800-1100kg/h 820*390mm 2-10mm 1520*1420*1230mm 800kg