Counter flow feed pellet cooling machine is a necessity during feed pellets production process. Counter flow feed pellet cooler is widely used to cool pellets discharged fromfish feed pellet mill which contain much moisture and of high temperature. Adopts counter flow cooling principle, this feed pellet cooler can cool the feed pellets rationally and evenly without cracking or breaking  pellets. For its stable performance, counter flow pellet cooler has been preferred by the feed pellet industry in many advanced countries nowadays.

Counter Flow Feed Pellet Cooling Machine Features
● High efficiency. Counter flow pellet cooler can reduce temperature of pellets from 80~90℃to about 3~5℃ above ambient temperature.
● Moisture content of finished feed pellets can be reduced from 17%~18% to 12%~13%.
● Unique design of automatic discharging under power off condition is adopted to avoid cross contamination between feeds.
● Wide application. It can be used to cooling various kinds of particle pellets.
● Large capacity, smoothly function, easy to operate.
● Energy and labor saving, stable performance, long service time.
● Economic space occupation, high automation degree and low noise.

feed_pellet_cooler counterflow-pellet-cooler-working-principle

Why Do Feed Pellet Producers Need Counter Flow Feed Pellet Cooler?

1. Feed pellets discharged from feed pellet making machine are with high moisture content of above 16% and high temperature of about 70-85℃, so cooling is very necessary before safely storage and transportation in case of mildew.
2. Labor drying would largely be affected by weather condition and result in high breakage rate.
3. Non-staff contact or bird’s stealing may lead to cross contamination.
4. Our feed pellet cooler can largely reduce labor consumption and feed pellets breakage rate. It can also reach continuous working and improve feed pellets quality, thus lower down cost.

Feed Pellets Cooler Technical Data

Model 1.4*1.4A 1.6*1.6A 1.9*1.9A 2.4*2.4A
Capacity 2.5t/h 5.0t/h 10t/h 15t/h
Power 0.75+0.55kw 0.75+0.75kw 1.1+0.75kw 1.5+1.1kw