Fish pellets discharged from the fish feed pellet making machine should be dried firstly to lower the excess moisture content, which can ensure the fish feed pellets quality and benefit the storage of fish feed. Our multi-layer mesh belt fish feed pellets dryer can help you dry the pellets uniformly.

Mesh Belt Fish Feed Drying Machine Featuresdrying_fish_feed_pellet
1. Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.
2. The pellets will not be subject to vibration or impact during the drying process, the pellets are not easy to be crumbled.
3. Suitable for materials which require low drying speed and long drying time. Widely used for drying feed pellet, grains, etc.

How does Fish Feed Belt Dryer Work?
This belt fish feed pellets drying machine is composed of several independent units. Each unit consists of circulating fan, heating device, separate or common fresh air suction system and exhaust system. The operating parameter of each unit is controlled independently, ensuring reliable and optimized operation. The feeder distributes the fish pellets evenly on the top layer of belt conveyor, which is made by stainless steel wire mesh or perforated plate. The pellets move along with the belt conveyor and falls gradually on the lower layer. Hot air passes through the pellets and brings away the moisture. Finally the pellets are discharged through the outlet.

Working Video of Mesh Belt Fish Feed Drying Machine

Technical Data of Mesh Belt Fish Feed Dryer

Model Belt width Total power Capacity
FY-SH500 500mm 10kw 300-400kg/h
FY-SH800 800mm 25kw 600-800kg/h
FY-SH1000 1000mm 55kw 1000-1500kg/h