This fish feed pellets production plant is designed to meet the high demand for fish feed pellets production. With this complete fish feed production unit, you can use various materials to produce feed pellets for fish, shrimps, crab, etc. The pellets can have different shapes. We can customize different capacities for fish farm holders and fish feed manufacturers.

Advantages & Applications of Fish Feed Production Line
1. Easy to install and operate.
2. The capacity is up to your requirement.
3. The diameter of the pellets can be from 0.9mm-12mm.
4. Both floating and sinking pellet are available, determined by the formula.
5. FANWAY fish feed manufacturing plant can also be used as pet food production line for making pet food for cats, dogs, etc.

fish_pellet_production_lineFish Feed Pellets Processing Procedures
The processes of this fish feed manufacturing plant mainly include material grinding, material mixing, pellets extruding, pellets drying, and pellets packing. The related machines are as follows.
♦ Feedstuff grinding
Crushing the material can improve the water stability and digestibility of feed pellet. Our diesel feed hammer mill and electric feed hammer mill can satisfy your needs for small fish feed pellet making line. We can also supply crushing machines for large fish feed pellet production line.
♦ Feed mixing
Mixing is an main process to ensure the quality and improve the effect of feed. We provide horizontal ribbon feed mixer to mix fish feed ingredients, which can mix evenly. Large loading coefficient, small floor area, the mixer is widely used in feed plant.
♦ Fish Food extruding
We have dry type fish feed extruder and wet type fish feed extruder for pelletizing. The wet type extruder has the conditioner and need a steam boiler, while the dry type fish feed machine does not need. The former is suitable for large fish feed pellet plant, while the latter is better for small and medium feed pellet user or fish feed pellet production plant.
♦ Fish feed pellets drying
We provide multi-layer mesh belt feed pellet dryer for drying the pellet coming out of the fish feed machine. The pellets are spread evenly on a wire mesh belt conveyor and conveyed within the dryer. Hot air passes through the pellets and brings away the moisture.
Fish feed pellets cooling
♦ Fish feed pellets packing
The fish feed pellets packing machine consists of automatic weighing machine, conveyor, bag sewing machine and automatic control box. It can weigh the pellets fast and precisely. Simple structure, reliable operation.

Working Video of Fish Feed Pellet Plant

300-400kg/h Fish Feed Plant Technical Data

Machine Model Power Output
1 Screw elevator 600-800kg/h
2 Feed bin 1-1.5m3
3 Electric Feed Hammer Mill FY400 7.5-11kw 300-400 kg/h
4 Screw elevator 300-400 kg/h
5 Cyclone &Dust collector
6 Feed mixing machine 500kg/batch
7 Screw elevator 300-400 kg/h
8 Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder FY-DSP80 22kw 300-400 kg/h
9 Pneumatic conveyor 400-500 kg/h
10 Fish Feed Pellet Dryer FY-500 10kw 300-400 kg/h
11 Pneumatic conveyor
12 Fish Feed Pellets Cooler 1.4*1.4A 0.75+0.55kw
13 Pneumatic conveyor
14 Fish feed pellets silo
15 Fish Feed Pellets Packaging Machine FY-DGS-50K 2.2kw 0-8bags/min