1. It is suggested that government agencies at all levels should set up special projects for emergency scientific research

In order to prevent coronavirus pneumonia from “secondary disasters”, we need to further establish specific scientific research projects for the specific industries that are facing various industries, and timely give relevant experts the financial support to complete the research tasks. Coronavirus pneumonia and aquaculture animal relationship are also studied to avoid the effect of blindly prohibiting the breeding and marketing of aquaculture animal and the benefits of aquaculture industry and consumers. Another example is in-depth study on the deep processing technology of aquaculture animals, especially for the young people who are facing the future aquatic product consumer groups and studying their preferences and demands for processed aquatic products. The aquaculture animals that are temporarily difficult to enter the aquatic product market for sale will be processed into aquatic products that can be preserved for a long time without deterioration and taste difference.

The current crisis of coronavirus pneumonia may be a powerful booster for the development of aquatic products in various countries. Aquaculture producers and aquatic science and technology personnel can promote the aquatic products consumers to realize the importance and development prospects of this industry, and take the opportunity to explore the market of aquatic products processing.

  1. Stabilize aquaculture with firm confidence

Coronavirus pneumonia is a major disease that is facing the difficulties of controlling and eradication of new crown pneumonia in a timely and efficient manner. The coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation will be effectively controlled over time. Traffic flow, lifting the ban, active market and consumption will surely come. Aquaculture will surely have a more wonderful and brilliant spring.

According to the prediction of food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), aquaculture will become the most profitable industry! The price of aquatic products will soar in the next ten years!

According to FAO’s latest global fisheries and Aquaculture report, according to the model, the global price of fish and shrimp will gradually rise. In the next decade, the global aquatic product price will be in the rising channel. The increase of the income of the aquatic product consumer market, the increase of population and the limitation of cultivated land make the global demand for high-quality protein and other aquatic products meat increase, which is the main reason for the price rise. The report also pointed out that China’s consumption factors should not be ignored. In particular, in order to ensure the marine and environmental sustainability of China’s fishery policy, the output of its wild fishing fishery will gradually decline. At the same time, the production growth rate of aquaculture fishery will slow down with the rising costs (artificial labor, feed, energy, etc.).

As the increase of aquatic product production can not keep up with the increase of consumer demand, it will stimulate the price of aquatic products to rise in China, which will produce domino effect and have an impact on global aquatic product prices. According to the FAO, the average price of aquaculture products will increase by 19% and the price of wild fishing products (food) will increase by 17%. In general, the average price of internationally traded fish will increase by 25% by 2030 compared with 2016. Due to the increasing global demand for aquatic products, the prices of fish meal and fish oil are expected to rise by 20% and 16% by 2030. Due to the high share of aquaculture in the world’s aquatic products supply, aquaculture may have a greater impact on the price formation of the whole industry (production and trade).

Coronavirus infection sources are becoming more and more clear. The ban on animal husbandry and marketing will gradually lift the ban. People believe that people will have a better understanding and understanding of the safety of aquatic products. It is not difficult to find that the hosts of some major zoonoses in the history of human medicine are from terrestrial animals (livestock or wild animals), whether they are BSE, foot-and-mouth disease, monkey smallpox, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), avian influenza, Ebola virus, etc. At present, a large number of zoonoses have been found, but no viral diseases and bacterial diseases have been found. It can also be seen that aquatic products are not only nutritious, but also the safest animal meat food.

Aquaculture Under The COVID-19 Epidemic Situation

  1. Adjust The Structure of Breeding Varieties and Learn New Marketing Methods Under The Epidemic Situation

Due to the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, some uncertainties have been caused in aquaculture industry. For example, feed price increase may affect the composition of aquaculture species. Aquaculture producers need to adjust their breeding targets to some cheaper or less feed varieties, so as to reduce the cost of aquaculture and enhance the efficiency of aquaculture.

Under the influence of coronavirus pneumonia, we should actively learn and master new formats and new modes of e-commerce, e-government, home office, virtual business / business, online teaching, etc., and we must be good at selling aquatic products by using cutting-edge technologies such as Internet, AI and big data.

From another perspective, coronavirus pneumonia also provides a historic opportunity for aquatic products consumption. As an important source of high-quality protein for human beings, aquatic products have many advantages compared with other meat products. Now, aquaculture industry and aquatic science and technology personnel must stand up and call on aquatic product consumers to eat more aquatic products, so as to raise the price of aquatic products and promote the consumption of aquatic products.

In short, coronavirus pneumonia is a problem that we face in the face of the overall situation of new crown pneumonia. The vast number of aquaculture operators now as long as the management of aquaculture farms, will be good aquaculture animals, in the near future, all aquatic products will have a good sales market. From a long-term point of view, aquaculture is undoubtedly an industry with bright future in the world.

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