As everyone knows that pellet mill is originally designed to make feed stuffs for animals. However pellet mill for sale is now widely used to produce biomass pellets through technology innovation. Flat die wood pellet machine can be used to make pellets from variety of raw materials, such as sawdust, leaves, cardboard, wood chips, straw, etc. Flat die wood pellet mill has gained great popularity not only because it can process good combustion pellets but also can gaining extra money by selling pellets to others. FANWAY diesel flat die pellet machine has wide application, it can make many kinds of feed pellets and bio-pellets to meet your needs.

Features of Diesel Flat Die Pellet Press Machine
1. Advanced technology adopted, long service time.
2. Low invest, easy to operate and simple to maintain.
3. Sizes of pellets can be adjusted according to your personal requirements. Change the die mold to make different size.
4. Compared with electric pellet mill, this flat die wood pellet mill is driven by diesel engine so it can run at any places without the electricity limit.
5. Wide application. It is suitable for individual houses, small-sized factory, farmlands, etc.
6. The pellet mill runs smoothly with low noise and high output.


Applications of Diesel Flat Die Pellet Machine
♦ Process agricultural wastes into bio-fuel pellets. This kind of agricultural wastes include straw, pasture, rice bran, cornstalks, cotton stalks, rice husk, peanut shell, palm fiber, corn cob, etc.
♦ Mold wood crude fibers to replace fossil fuels, raw materials conclude wood chips, sawdust, wood particles and so forth.
♦ When this pellet mill is used as wood pellet machine, it can also be adopted to process municipal solid wastes into fuel pellets, or used to make animal fodder.
♦ This small pellet press machine can also be used to make feed pellets for animals and sinking fish feed pellets for fishes.

Why Biomass Pellets Made by Pellet Making Machine Enjoyed Great Popularity?


♦ Biomass pellets can be used to replace fossil fuels which is non-regeneration energy.
♦ Biomass pellets are made from agricultural wastes, wood crude fibers and home wastes, so it is featured by low cost and environmental friendly.
♦ Compared with other energy, biomass pellets pressed from the pellet mill die of wood pellet machine are easy to store and deal with, moreover they also have long shelf life.
♦ Biomass pellets have high purity and heating power.
♦ Biomass pellets does not include sulphur and phosphorus, so it is environmental friendly.

Working Video of Diesel Flat Die Pellet Making Machine

Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Technical Data

Model H.P. Capacity Flat die Dia. Dimension
FY-120D 8 40-60 kg/h 120mm 550*300*710mm
FY-200D 15 110-140 kg/h 200mm 850*420*850mm
FY-300AD 30 220-280 kg/h 300mm 1200*520*1050mm
FY-300BD 35 250-300kg/h 300mm 1200*520*1050mm
FY-350AD 55 300-360 kg/h 350mm 1270*580*1150mm
FY-400D 55 400-500kg/h 400mm 1350*600*1200mm