Being one highly demanded equipment to replace hand peeling, wood peeling machine is widely adopted in timber industry for peeling wooden logs at high speed. Wood peeling machine is one significant part in wood pellets production line. In order to ensure quality, the peeling machine provide by our factory is made from supreme class raw material and advanced technology that in line with international quality standards.

wood_peeling_machine_working debarked wood

Application of Wood Peeling Machine

Wood peeling machine can be used to peel newly cut soft wood, part of broad leaf wood, frozen wood and dry wood by paper pulp factory, paper mill, fiber board factory, wood processing factory, wood farm, wood storage factory, etc.

Features of Wood Peeling Machine
1.The adoption of open storage bin makes wood peeler can be fed on one end and discharged on the other end, which realizes high efficiency through overcoming feeding and discharging by power cutting of some drum type wood peeler.
2.Wide application makes wood peeling machine can be suited for different tree species, diameters, length and shapes.
3.Peeling rate of bending woods are higher than others because the rotary motion and bumpety-bumpety of wood logs can make itself touch well with stripping teeth.
4.As the huge cabinet is fixed so foundation installation is not needed.
5.Good peeling effects on hard peeling woods, such as frozen woods, curved timber, eucalyptus, oak woods, elm, etc.
6.High peeling rate, small energy consumption and low failure rate.
7.Reasonable structure, easy to operate and simple to maintenance.
8.Small injury to woods, long service life, safe and reliable.

How does Wood Peeling Machine Work
Wood peeling machine mainly making use of the striking of stripping teeth to wood logs to reach good peeling rate, which not only makes wood logs make cyclic motion in cabinet, but also makes it rotate around itself to peel barks. Wood peeler has good peeling rate for tree types that are difficult to peel such as eucalyptus, poplar and so on. Peeling rate can realize over 95%.
Wood Peeling Machine Working Video
Technical Data of Wood Peeling Machine
Model 6 meter double roller 9 meter double roller 12 meter double roller
Capacity 5-10t/h 10-15t/h 15-20t/h
Motor Power 7.5*2kw 7.5*2kw 7.5*2kw
Length 6.3m 9m 12.6m
Width 1.31m 1.5m 1.5m
Height 1.55m 1.7m 1.7m
Weight 3t 4t 7.5t